Who are you?

wesbernick.com is my site where I showcase my work. I am a creative director, animator and illustrator. I do everything from conception to completion, a one stop shop if you will. I've worked with national clients all around the world: Disney, McDonalds, Cartoon Network, Upper Deck, Marvel, DC Comics and more. If you need concept art, art direction, logo or a great idea for a commercial I'm your guy!

Why Did you start your business?

I started my freelance career because I didn't want to be another statistic in the advertising world. So many of us get stuck working on project that are uninspiring and forgettable. Sure they pay the bills, but I'm looking to excite, engage and be a cut above the rest. I learned very quickly working at agencies that cool work doesn't come in the door very often, and when it does it's snatched up quickly by senior employees, whether they are right for the job or not. It's this frustration that pushed me into expanding my reach on my own. I still work for agencies and enjoy it very much. It's my life's blood. I just need a creative outlet sometimes and that's where my website comes in. I've been able to work on so many creative projects for great clients.

What makes your business unique?

I feel like it's a cliche to say my life experiences make my business unique, but it's true. I've worked for many clients and have gain experience that's priceless. This coupled with hard work ethic, and a willingness to learn something new everyday keeps me ahead of the competition. I push to know more than my competitors. When I taught college students I always stressed the importance of outworking your fellow peers. That doesn't necessarily mean working longer hours but working smarter. Learning that extra effect or program to push your work over the edge.

What's the biggest mistake you've made with your business and what did you learn from it??

Contracts, contracts, contracts! The biggest mistake I've made and sometimes still do is not having a contract. Contracts are a must, even among friends. It doesn't matter how long you've worked with a client. Get a contract.

what big goal do you have for your company and how do you plan to achieve it?

he biggest goal I have for myself is to work for myself full time in the next 5 years. To achieve this I plan on upping my social presence. As of now it's pretty non-existent. I also will build on my current client roster. Word of mouth is the best way to get new clients. 90% of my clients have all been attained by word of mouth. I also plan on producing several books and content so I have a few brands to work with. Owning an intellectual property can be a very lucrative move. One I plan on spending some time doing.

what advice or tips do you have for people wanting to start their own business or follow their dreams?

I don't know if I can give advice on starting a business but I can say this: Follow your dream! It's what you are on Earth to do and never give that up.

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