Who are you?

We make the All Season Solar Cooker. It is a solar cooker that can be used all day and all season long. Our sun site helps you adjust the cooker so it the sun is providing the maximum reflection to your black pot which then cooks the food.

Why Did you start your business?

I am a tinkerer and I saw a sample of this at a farmers market. I called the inventor and we met for lunch and struck up a freindship and then a business was born. He brings so much talent on the design side and I brought the ASSC into production using modern methods of laminating and die cutting. Now we can produce for the world quickly and they look amazing and work like nobodys business.

What makes your business unique?

I am a socail entreprenuer and if our design allows a family in the middle of the world cook a meal I feel better at the end of the day. This product can be produced at a low cost, shipped a thousand on a pallet, and it works so amazingly well. It is a solution the world is looking for.

What's the biggest mistake you've made with your business and what did you learn from it??

I am always struggling with cash flow. I have so many ideas I am self funding the growth. I would do better driving one idea to the finish line and keep pounding it, but I get bored after it is made and on the market.

what big goal do you have for your company and how do you plan to achieve it?

So our goal is to have the ASSC in Big Box stores like, Honeyville Grain, Cabelas and Bass Pro Shop, REI within one year. March 1 2015 is the date we plan to have this on the market nationwide. We are going to call up the buyers, meet with them and convince them to give it a go.

what advice or tips do you have for people wanting to start their own business or follow their dreams?

Go for it. What have you got to lose? You will find your way and teachers will come along side of you when you seek knowledge and information. Keep your money in your pocket and start slow. You don't need a $40,000 marketing campaign to kick off your new bottle opener. You need 10 bottle openers and a big excited mouth. Try kickstarter.com and see if you can get funded. Everyone loves new ideas and if you had a successful campaign you might get a bag of cash to help you without giving up equity. Life is one big adventure and when I am done and add up all business failures and succeses I will know the failures were not falling down, but steps I had to make to make the right or left turn needed to become successful. I have created over 50 products to date and my most successful one is a rubber band that holds trash can liners in place. So you don't need to wait for the next greatest widget. Take $100 out of your wallet or purse right now and get started. Make it, put it on Amazon and pray it sells. If you get 10 sales in one day, you rock. If you get 1 sale in 6 months you need a different product.

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