Who are you?

I'm in the business of inspiring people to KNOW that truly ANYTHING is POSSIBLE to take MASSIVE ACTION on their dreams and make them a reality!

Why Did you start your business?

at first it was just a side project....something I was doing in the background while I was running my video production company http://gebbstv.com and now it has become more then just a side business it has become my full time job. The problem I want to HELP/SOLVE is people feeling lost....feeling stuck...feeling like they are alone....feeling like they have to be doing something they hate the rest of their life and getting them to realize that the thing didn't think was POSSIBLE is POSSIBLE!!

What makes your business unique?

ME :) I know that may sound cliche but there is only ONE Michael GEBBEN aka "GEBBS"!!! MY unique way of inspiring people and CONNECTING with people is something I really pride myself in! I LOVE seeing people come ALIVE and just light up!!!

What's the biggest mistake you've made with your business and what did you learn from it??

In my current business I don't really have a biggest mistake yet....in my video production company it was spending WAY to much money on gear and getting myself into a TON of debt and realizing that I didn't need 90% of what I had bought to succeed. I wished on would have invested more in myself earlier!! What I learned well I always try and find the positive in the "negative" so ultimately because I help other to succeed now I take all my challenges in my life and say ok great now I know how this works and now I can help others to hopefully not have to go through the same pain!

what big goal do you have for your company and how do you plan to achieve it?

For right now I'm just going to say how I achieve my goals :) I bust my ass everyday to make it happen and I'm not afraid to fall flat on my face OVER and OVER and OVER again! I'm not afraid to fail! I remove expectation and just do my best everyday to LIVE life to the fullest doing something I LOVE because when you do something you LOVE it is so much easier to get through the tough times!!! FOCUS- my biggest WINS have come from when I focused mainly on ONE thing....that doesn't mean I have to do that one thing forever but you definitely have to see things through to the end! ROCK and ROLL

what advice or tips do you have for people wanting to start their own business or follow their dreams?

Well to NEVER GIVE UP!!! ALWAYS PROVIDE MASSIVE VALUE to OTHERS!! GIVE without EXPECTATION of getting anything in return! REALIZE that the worst thing that's going to happen is you get a no but you get a no when you don't...at least when you ask you have the opportunity for something positive to happen!

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