Who are you?

I help creative entrepreneurs strategize about and build solid foundations for flexible, location independent livelihoods.

Why Did you start your business?

I started out as a life coach and soon realized that what I was really passionate about was helping new entrepreneurs navigate the business-building waters. It's super confusing for most people as online business models are a relatively new invention and there's a lot of noise on the internet about how to do it right. I saw the need to help people figure out exactly what would work for them. I had left my corporate career almost a year prior so it wasn't a side project - it was do or die!

What makes your business unique?

My business is unique in that I don't follow a business building/growth formula nor do I encourage my clients to do so. I play to my strengths, and I focus on building pieces of my business that give me the most energy. Sometimes that means pressing pause and going to do something entirely different for a while, like working on an expedition ship in Antarctica, which I did in the 2013/2014 Antarctic season. It was really inspiring for my clients and readers because most of them fear boxing themselves in with their work and really want to live a life without boundaries but haven't yet figured out how.

What's the biggest mistake you've made with your business and what did you learn from it??

I let myself take on the wrong clients early in my business which not only drained me, but made me resent my work. It also caused problems when I ran retreats and one member of the group was a bad fit. I learned quickly that it's not only OK to be selective, it's crucial for long term business growth and satisfaction if you work directly with people.

what big goal do you have for your company and how do you plan to achieve it?

I plan to turn a lot of what I do with 1:1 clients into digital workshops and courses because I like to keep things as financially accessible as possible for people who are just starting out. I also plan to grow the Republic of Freedom community but I'm still working on the exact details of how I'm going to to that and what it will look like.

what advice or tips do you have for people wanting to start their own business or follow their dreams?

Don't try to do it alone - it's really important that you surround yourself with people who are supportive of your dream and also, who know more than you. Leverage your "people resources" so that you don't get discouraged and burn out. Also, take baby steps. Rome wasn't built in a day!

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