Who are you?

It started as a fascination, and quickly turned into an obsession. Atlantic Ink Crew is our name, and manual screen-printing our game. We provide quality handcrafted screen-printing for apparel, posters, bags and more. Located in Jacksonville, FL, our creative crew is eager to set sail on your next printing voyage.

Why Did you start your business?

We got started with screen-printing because we wanted to print things that we enjoyed wearing. It was just a side project with family and friends providing the business. This initial work enabled us to grow our knowledge of the craft, and to build to a point where we could accept more challenging jobs.

What makes your business unique?

We pay close attention to detail and quality, because it matters greatly to us. Our specialty is with water-based inks, which leave the final product with a nice soft-hand feel. This is what we enjoy wearing, and we think you will too!

What's the biggest mistake you've made with your business and what did you learn from it??

When we first ordered our equipment, we place a massive order for the press, the inks and a host of other supplies. Our mistake was that we ordered a bunch of the wrong mesh-count screens, and some inks that may not be used for some time. We were in such a hurry to get that press up and running that we made some hasty decisions on the ordering process...lesson learned!

what big goal do you have for your company and how do you plan to achieve it?

In addition to our main screen-printing services, we are opening an online store that will offer our own brand of nautical-themed apparel, posters and other goodies. We have a few t-shirts that we will be starting with, and will gradually build up our inventory over time.

what advice or tips do you have for people wanting to start their own business or follow their dreams?

Just know that if you have lofty goals for a business or a new adventure in life, the door of opportunity may not always open when you expect it to. It took a long time before we had the financial capability to begin this screen-printing project...and when it arrived, our schedule was filled to the brim. We pushed forward regardless of time constraints and have truly enjoyed the experience!

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